All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Did I tell you you're wonderful?

I'm an equal opportunity shopper and recently stated--with pride--that I like to push peoples' boundaries of masculine and feminine in order to achieve balance and harmony in a space. I said, "if you're super macho, I'm going to make you try something pink; if you're a girly girl, I'm going to make paint something navy blue."

I've never believed in engendering colors or interiors. Being truly eclectic means having a mish mash of items and mementos that reflect who we are as whole, complete human beings with all of our experiences, quirks, and dreams. I had a bedroom several years ago that I painted pink--but with dark brown trim and moldings, bamboo shades, and an awesome black velvet painting of a naked Hawaiian woman (scored from my father's old bar), it worked. (Really, it did--I'll try to dig up some photos!)

Even Apartment Therapy recently had a post about masculine vs. feminine interiors. Interesting reading, but in their matrices they had a lot of crossover--plenty of women dig leather and hide rugs; plenty of guys like some blingin' brass or gold. I dunno, I think it's all more fluid now than ever, especially for people who are bombarded with all manner of design that's out there today.

PB Teen (of all places!) has recently worked with some stylists to create a new collection of vintage-inspired furniture and decorations. Yeah, it's marketed toward teenage girls, but I think there's a lot there that would appeal to adults (male and female) too.

Check out a few pieces from the Emily & Meritt collection:

(I'd love to have a "Wonderful" pillow somewhere, wouldn't you?)

The chaise is in a nice, neutral shade of blue. And I like how the rabbit lamp sports a black shade, which keeps it also a little more neutral.

 A rabbit eared alarm clock? Awesome.

Like the Wonderful pillow, I think the "Fantastic" garland is great, in a retro hipster way. It's gold paper on rope. The rope fringe kind of makes it feel more vintage than feminine.

And I must confess, I got a wish box to hold all these fortune cookie fortunes that keep spilling out of this jar in my kitchen. Watch out--it'll make an appearance on this blog again soon!

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Jim said...

I admit it, I want the rabbit lamp. I'm a little afraid of it, but I want it. I do.