All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My ever changing moods...

One of my new clients (a really nice couple in the East Bay) have been living in their place for about a year now and really wanted some help with decorating their home. One of the challenges was trying to figure out what their style was. Almost everyone I work with has eclectic tastes--I mean, who wants a period room, right? That can be a little extreme. But one thing I've learned is that there are various degrees and levels of eclecticism. Some people skew towards traditional, others lean toward modernism, etc. You get the point--it's like this wide spectrum of favoring some movements and styles more than others, but still liking a variety of things.

After talking for a bit, they sent me some images of rooms they liked. Right away I noticed a certain balance and symmetry in each photo. But they were still also keen on mixing periods, styles, and finishes. And from our initial consultation, I knew there was a fun (almost subversive) streak to them--I was going to have fun mixing up slipper chairs and Chesterfield sofas with their collection of vintage rock posters as well as a priceless photo of Tenacious D.

The size and layout of their living room didn't leave many options, so after developing a basic furniture plan with their existing pieces (a TV, media console, antique hutch, and a few accessories), I came up with three different combinations of new sofas, chairs, and lamps that could be plugged in and switched around. Each concept reflects that eclecticism that I think my clients are after. Can you guess which one(s) they liked?

Was it Concept A, with the heavy midcentury influence?

Concept B, with a more traditional flair?

Or Concept C, casual contemporary?

Take a guess in the comments section--the first correct guess will get a prize!

And while you take a moment to decide, here's my little '80s musical inspiration for this post. "Ah, the cool before the warm, the calm before the storm..." The lyrics kind of sum up the idea of eclecticism, I think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason! My guess is Concept C.


Anonymous said...

I can't see concept C, so I'll go with B.

Kristin S.

Anonymous said...

Mine is Concept A, that's it all bases covered. Nadine

Jen D. said...

Dangit! Now that I have no chance of winning, I'll just have to strive to be right. I'm going traditional. Someone's gotta get a chesterfield, right?

Jason said...

Who said it had to be just ONE choice? Mwahahahaahahhaaa!

Carrie said...

Who could decide between such lovely items? How about a wild stab of... the curtains and couch of B and the chair from C?