All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

All original work © Jason W. Wong. Please ask for permission to reproduce any work.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

She walks in so many ways...

So I just finished up another project this past week, hanging up some art and handing over the reigns to my client, L. She's a busy, hardworking young lady who recently combined two top-floor apartments into one amazing home for herself. Our goal was to create an eclectic oasis, a comfortable place to relax and entertain after a long, hard day at work.

I think we did a pretty good job of balancing rustic, tailored, new, and vintage finds.

Here are some before-and-after photos of two Guest Baths as well as the Master Bedroom.

Guest Bath 1, BEFORE and AFTER:


Guest Bath 2, BEFORE and AFTER:

Master Bedroom BEFORE:



Once again, this was such a great project--I really enjoy being able to empower people and help them make decisions on their own. I know she'll do a great job adding accessories and other little touches at her own pace as time goes on.


Debra said...

Whoops, may have hit publish too soon. Wanted to say: Lovely! Where are the maps from (in the bedroom)? Could I afford them?

Jim said...

This is such a great transformation. I saw the creation of the coffee-bag art and I love how they turned out, and how they add such a nice vintage touch.

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